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Remembering how to dream my own dream
In 2009, pink_in_ky resolves to...
Admit my true feelings to joe_khamael.
Give some movies to charity.
Give up shopping.
Volunteer to spend time with books.
Find a new communication.
Take minnkitten sleeping.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:


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If anyone has a great recipe for banana bread, particularly with walnuts or chocolate chips, I would love to have it.

It MUST be simple as I have a deficient kitchen.

What I do have:

Handheld mixer
loaf pan
6 large overripe bananas


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Something is wrong with my friends' page. It is only showing the posts from minnkitten and no one else's posts show up, although if I click on names, I can see all the posts. It's irritating me so if anyone knows how to fix it let me know.
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The Movie Of Your Life Is Film Noir

So what if you're a little nihilistic at times?

Life with meaning is highly over-rated.

Your best movie matches: Sin City, L. A. Confidential, Blade Runner

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Cool interests collage!

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I cannot fully take credit as

raf37posted earlier today the website from which this came....www.passiveaggressivenotes.com


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Am I the only one that finds watching them terribly cute and terribly creepy at the same time?

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If you can't then click here and you will.

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and I find this damned funny

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So... I took the GRE today and I got a 620 on verbal and 640 on quantitative. :) I felt uber smart. On the practice tests, I never broke into the 600 realm which leads me to believe that Kaplan and Princeton and the other publishers that put out test prep materials deliberately underestimate your scores so that it will seem as if you did so much better on the actual test. I propose this theory because twice I have taken the GRE and twice I have outperformed on the actual test what I ever did on a practice test. Also, the book says that it "guarantees" a higher score. How else would they be able to "guarantee" a higher score without making it seem as though you did much better than you thought you would? Yeah. But that's ok. I got scores that were almost exactly what I had 6 years ago. I was pleased to duplicate a good performance.

So I called my dad and said "I took the GRE today." I guess I mumbled or whatever because my dad said "you took what to Jerry?" He quickly realized his mistake and after we got off teh phone, he sent me an email that said only

"Hooray! You passed the Jerry!"

I thought it was funny.

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